Thank you for all your hard-work dedication and support

Operation Community Cares,

Greeting’s from the ISAF Military Detachment @ Kandahar Airfield, Afghanistan. I just received a care package that you all sent to me. I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart, for taking the time and doing such a great thing for us military members. I was really shocked to see that this organization is from home area. I was born in Riverside and raised in San Bernardino until I joined the USAF in 1994.

In past 17 years I have been around the world and some and it wasn’t till my deployment to Iraq that I saw some many people and organizations send their love and support in package. I will tell you that a lot of young service members don’t have a lot of family and when we receive this packages it makes a difference to them. Again, thank you for all your hard-work , dedication and support to the US Armed Forces Deployed service members, we sincerely appreciate it.

Next time I’m home on leave in the Inland Empire I will stop by to personally thank you and your volunteers!

I do miss my In/Out and Bakers..LOL

God Bless


Flight Chief, BEAST Flight
ISAF MP, Kandahar AF
MP Station Building #710
MP Desk DSN: 841-1461
Office DSN: 318-841-1358

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