OCC answers the call from Afghanistan for personal care items for our Soldiers

Urgent Request from Afghanistan: Basic need items
See This request:

It is so great to hear from you! Thank for your willingness to help! Our inability to get personal care items is a result of the downsizing in Afghanistan. The base we are on was supposed to close sometime this fall, so many of the support services were already closed and sent to other locations before we got here. Now it looks like AP Clark is going to be one of the few bases that is going to endure into 2015. We are in a strategic location close the Pakistan border….that means that our deployment is not likely to be cut short, but rather we will be here for the entire 9 months; until sometime in March.

Our greatest need right now is Men’s deodorant, laundry detergent, shampoo, razors, feminine hygiene products, and white mid-calf length socks, but all toiletry items are needed. Smaller sizes of the toiletry items are better because they are easier to share. Of course snacks and other tastes of home are appreciated as well. They guys from CA love snack stuff from Trader Joes!

As many packages Operation Community Cares wants to send is appreciated. There are about 350 Soldiers here with talk of 200 more coming in the fall as other bases close. I run a free store in the front of the chapel at AP Clark, so we open care packages, sort them into like items and then allow the soldiers to “shop” for essential items and snacks that they need.

I am glad to provide Operation Community Cares with a certificate of appreciation from our Task Force for helping us out!

Thanks again!

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