Thank you for the packages – from Baghdad

Operation Community Cares,

Thank you so much for the multiple packages for our Soldiers, Sailors, Marines and Army here in Baghdad.  Truly feel blessed to have such wonderful support back home!


Col Latner

Thank you for the care packages

Mr. Jim Orr,

Thank you for the care packages that us Marines received the other day. The care packages definitely boosted our Morale. Through history “mail call” is one of the greatest morale boosters in war. I will share with the Marines here, and have included a picture you may share with your Organization that help support us.

We salute you from our cover to yours, Semper Fidelis

Gunny Torres


GySgt Rigoberto M. Torres

Thank you from U.S. Marines in Afghanistan

Letter from Patrick Passewitz

To the members of Operation Community cares,

On behalf of the troopers of the 173rd BSB (ABN), I wold just like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts. It truly is humbling to know people have not forgotten about you, while you are so far away from home. I hope all of you had an enjoyable holiday season. Your package helped make our alittle more bearable.

Once again thank you and God Bless,

Patrick Passewitz

Letter from Garrett C Mann

To whom it may concern,

Today is December 17th and I received your packages and was happy to get them and to know that someone cares for our military. I thank all of you who joined together to help out with the packages. I really do appreciate them and im sure that the other military men and women you send packages to are happy also. I will keep you guys in my heart and mind and will keep in touch with all of you. And I thank the veterans of VFW Post 8680 for there service in the military. If any of you guys would like to keep in touch then you can just email me and I will respond. Thank you again and God Bless. Merry Christmas.

Garrett C Mann

Letter from SFC Thomas

I’m SFC Thomas. O of 31st MiTT an 11 Man Team of Senior advisers to the Iraqi Military. On behalf of my team and me, we would like to say Thank You for the Love and Support that you are giving to our family (Military) and well as us. The boxes we received were very appreciative and grateful. Thank You and God Bless

SFC Thomas, Ottress
13B Field Artillery
Master Gunner
“Be All That You Can Be”

Letter from Kevin

Good Morning,

I found one of your nice Christmas cards and watched the soldiers go through a care package here in Afghanistan today – I wanted to let you know the soldiers really appreciated the care package it came in. They get busy with their missions and sometimes may not have time to thank all of you. A Security Forces unit from the USAF and an MP Unit from the Army shared the gift.

The card said Rancho Cucamonga VFW Post # 8680. We are at Bagram Air Filed, in Bagram, Afghanistan.

You asked for ideas in the card. I know all the soldiers love DVD’s. Peanuts are all ways good…mostly they just really enjoy knowing people back home care. I know they like to read the little notes sent along in the care packages.

So, from a civilian (veteran) bystander here, thanks for supporting our troops!

Best Regards and Merry Christmas,