A Big Thank You from Afghanistan!


We, the Marines, can’t tell you how much we thank and appreciate you!

Semper FidelisGood morning/evening,

I, Sgt Barraza Miguel, will like to personally thank you for all the care packages you guys/gals sent to us here in ADAB. We really appreciate it! Now we have tons of snacks to munch on thanks to you guys and since you sent so many packages we even sent some even further down range to our brothers and sisters who don’t have the same opportunities as we do here in receiving packages. We couldn’t take pictures of all the packages since we aren’t allowed to have phones in the compound but I have a picture from my promotion. We will try to take a picture soon! We, the Marines, can’t tell you how much we thank and appreciate you for all the love and support we receive from you guys/gals! Thank you for having such an amazing organization and thank you for supporting the troops.

Semper Fidelis,

Sgt Barraza, Miguel A.

“Marines. The Few. The Proud.”

Received packages

My nephew just received his to share with his squad. So wonderful for these heroes to get some love from home. Thank you!Recieved packages

Thank you for sending packages

I just wanted to say thank you for sending me a few packages. I just received them and, my guys and I truly appreciate the hard work you put into putting the packages together. God bless and I hope you have a great weekend.

Very Respectfully,
Scott White

We are grateful to you, your donors and your volunteers

I am SSgt Angela Gomez, currently deployed to, Afghanistan. We gratefully received a care package for each of our Airmen out here and want to say Thank You!!!

Our snack area is stacked with goodies and treats, one of our desks is decorated with your Christmas and holiday cards and your cards of Thanks.

The beanies and socks will surely keep us warm. Attached are some pictures and a picture of myself enjoying a little bit of what feels like home in the beanie.

We are grateful to you, your donors and your volunteers.

Hope you have a safe and blessed holiday season.

62 ERS/DET 1 Security Forces Member
Angela T. Gomez-Adams

American Red Cross delivery confirmation letter 1-29-13

Red Cross letter of delivery 1-29-2013_001

American Red Cross delivery confirmation letter 12-25-12

Red Cross letter of delivery 12-25-2012_001

Thank you cards and letters 2013

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Thank you letters

 Thank you
 Thank you
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Thank you so very much … for these AWESOME care packages

I would like to say thank you so very much to the donors and volunteers who contribute to these AWESOME care packages.  I just received 2 care packages that I was able to share with 2 units in my squadron!  This is my first deployment and receiving these packages gave me such a great feeling of gratitude to those who are back home thinking of us soldiers who are deployed.  You are all greatly appreciated, more than you will ever know!!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart,
SrA Ashley Rubio