THANK YOU!!! Hundreds of Volunteers, almost 1000 boxes, and tons of smiles shared!

Pack Day success!!!
Pack day has come and gone and the mission continues on… We will continue to send boxes and do our part to support military families at Christmas.. Thank you to our donor of 5 Christmas Trees that will be donated to Military Families, and we will be doing Christmas Gifts for military families as well!

Check our and LIKE US, there are countless videos and pics from our pack day!!! AWESOME!

Join us in sharing the LOVE..
Reminder: We are a 501(c)3 organization and your donations are Tax Deductible.

HUGE Thank You to:

THANK YOU to IVAR for choosing OCC to be the benefactor of your Golf Tournament!!
Your support is immeasurable!!
Receiving a check for almost $15,000 is absolutely AHHHHHHMAZING! This will pay for the shipping for almost 1000 boxes…

Thank you to all the schools who participated.. The Teachers, the Boy & Girl Scout leaders.. The businesses!! You guys rock

Thank you!
Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory
Frito Lay
Nong Shim
Rancho Hills Escrow
Rancho Fire District
Carter HS ROTC
To the lovely ladies decorating the boxes and assembling 100 boxes… This truly is a community event!!! Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!!

Great things happen when we as a community unite for a common goal!!! God is so Good!

I say this on behalf of OCC


Shout outs to Our Lead Volunteers…
Chris & Irene Valenzuela, Dan & Cheree Griffith, Pete & Carolyn Preschern, Kay-Re Sasse, Brent Bruce, Celina Vazquez, Anna Millisap, Mike Petry, Lisa Dominguez, Jose Lopez, Brittany & Terry Susca, Diane Bradley, Rea Ronnebeck, Staci Berry, Loree Gaskil-Miller, and so many more…

We are 100% grassroots, and NO salaries are paid.. 100% of the monies raised go to the mission.. THANK YOU for supporting us!