7 easy and thoughtful ways to help a Military Family this Christmas

  1. Lend a hand with shopping.
  2. Go to the mall with a Mom or Dad or shop for them online.
  3. Gift wrapping or babysitting is a gift in itself.
  4. Help with decorating. Putting up the Christmas tree and other decorations or taking it all down
    Consider a “feel-good” gift…massage, manicure, MNF game or take a military family to a seasonal event.

  5. Lend a hand with the “honey-do” list. Something always falls apart, stops working, or seizes up during a deployment.
  6. Skip the plate of cookies. Gift certificates for pizza or other deliverable foods can be a sanity-saver for a single parent. Share your home and Holidays.
  7. Share a meal with military neighbors and make it a memorable event for both families.

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